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We NEED new Laws for Murder Victums

Cherokeeladyaz started this conversation

Hello everyone, I am learning a very difficult and painful lesson from my husbands death at the beginning of this month. I have spoke to the local PD  and was told since the autopsy listed exposure as the cause of death [extream cold], that they are not doing much for investigation his questionable  death.I can not recieve a death certificate until all criminal investigations are completed.... I asked so if there is NO investigation, why is it the death certificate has not been released??? Nor will the criminal investigator find tine to speak with family members.    In the mean time more and more people are saying things to me and other family members that have me convenced that his death was not because he was in the cold weather, but that he had help getting to where he was found..   Please Pray with me that the truth will come forward and those who did this to him will have to face a court of law. There needs to be new laws written for the murder victims and their rights to be treated as human beings with out being swept under the carpet. This is the 3rd victem at the same residence ...  Please pray for me and my family who loved my husband as the loving father, grand father and generous man as he truly was... 

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Prayers are with you Cherokeeladyaz and your family as you know from our conversations. I just hope someone does something to finalize who was responsible and that those responsible are brought to the court of law. 

My deepest sympathy is once again extended and wishing you closure as soon as possible and the best to you and your family.

Hugs and peace to you and yours


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